Dark Sky Observing Rules

We have gotten a few questions about the Dark Sky Observing sessions so we ask all that are considering coming to read this:

Basically this is our monthly observing session. We setup and stay up all night and observe.

This is a weather dependent event, if it looks to be 50% or more chance of clouds or rainy the event will be cancelled.

We ask that everyone arrive before sunset.

People will have telescopes setup, most will be doing visual observing but some may be taking pictures with their scopes. Always ask before viewing through or touching someone else’s scope. Most are willing to share views and happy to do so, but others may be imaging or working on a observing list and may not want to be interrupted, just ask.

We have some pretty strict lighting rules for these events. No white lights allowed and only dim red flashlights are to be used to preserve everyones night vision so they can fully enjoy the dark skies. No fires or cooking with flame after dark. These events are usually restricted to just members and and all are asked to respect the rules above and those of the site at all times.

Camping is allowed and recommend for these events except if held at Brasstown Bald or Charlie Elliot (No camping is allowed at these two sites, however some do take naps in their cars) if there are some that will leave and head home or to local camping areas at some point in the night and we ask that they not turn on their car lights until they leave the parking lot, or if not possible alert everyone that they are leaving so we can close our eyes until they are gone. Also be mindful of interior car lights coming on when the door opens. These can be covered with tape to block lights.

These rules sound harsh at first but everyone there has traveled a long way to enjoy the darkest skies in Ga and these rules are setup so they can come out and do just that! :)

AAC Observing Locations

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Charlie Elliott
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Villa Rica
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