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The PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of the NASA Parker Solar Probe

John OíNeal, NC Stargazer

The NASA Parker Solar Probe has embarked on a seven year mission to the Sun's inner atmosphere armed with a payload of scientific instruments to measure the solar wind and atmosphere up close & personal. These measurements will revolutionize our understanding of the mechanisms that drive the solar wind and space weather, and will provide insights into methods of mitigating the sun's potentially catastrophic effects on technological advancements and on life on Earth as we know it.

Join NASA SOLAR SYSTEM AMBASSADOR John O’Neal on this journey of discovery… Hear the history of the mission and learn about Dr. Eugene Parker, the first person in the history of the space program to have a craft named after him. Ride along as the craft takes off on a whirlwind journey to the center of our solar system to a place beyond our wildest imagining.

This comprehensive presentation will highlight the science behind the Parker Solar Probe and provide a closeup look at the instrument packages and their purposes. It will reveal the human and social reasons for visiting the sun, as well as the science objectives, the launch, the voyage from Cape Kennedy, the journey around Venus to the Sun, and will culminate in what we expect to learn from the probe and how it could conceivably save our entire species and world from the next solar extinction event.


J O'Neal 

John OíNeal, NC Stargazer

John O'Neal has been an avid AMATEUR ASTRONOMER and astrophotographer for over 45 years.

John is a NASA Solar System Ambassador and a member of and contributor to the ALPO and the AAVSO and several Amateur Astronomy Associations around his home in Statesville, NC. He is also Co-Founder of the facebook group, SOLARACTIVITY which boasts a 24,000 strong membership worldwide.

John has authored numerous tutorials on solar imaging as well as equipment reviews and has recently been named as a Contributing Editor for Amateur Astronomy Magazine and his article, THE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE OF THE PARKER SOLAR PROBE can be found in Issue 102.

Since retiring, John and his lovely wife, Dorothy have taken to traveling and he has given countless presentations to the general public and to amateur and pro astronomers across the US.

Most recently he has presented at the Terrestrial Earth Sciences Seminar in Indiana, at SOLARFEST 2016 & 2018, in Missouri, at The Regional Gathering of Amateur Astronomers, or BOBFEST 2017, 2018and 2019 in NC, at The North East Astro Imaging Conference or NEAIC, 2017-18 in NY, at The Okie-Tex Star Party in 2018, the Peach State Star Gaze in 2019 and at the Charlotte Amateur Astronomy Club & Greensboro Astronomy Clubs in North Carolina in 2019..

His most recent solar star party contributions were at The Astronomy on the National Mall event in Washington DC which drew over 10,000 guests, at the SOLARACTIVITY Solar Star Party and Eclipse Presentation in Smiths Ferry, Idaho with over 4,000 participants in attendance.

In 2020 John has already committed to giving several presentations on Astrophotography topics and on Solar outreach and Star Parties throughout the U.S, including BoBfest, Tri-Star & the AAC in North Carolina and The Annual Aurora Summit in Minnesota.

You can visit Johnís website to learn more about his upcoming schedule, available programs, image galleries, videos and more. http://www.ncstargazer.com

We will update the information as soon as we have confirmations.

If it happens to be cloudy we will run movies in the Club House.



More to come!

We will update the information as soon as we have confirmations.

If it happens to be cloudy we will run movies in the Club House.


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